CBD will not get you high Actually it can even dampen the effects of THC when you have consumed it. It doesn’t have any of the THC side effects. Unlike it’s cousin the THC the CBD won’t give you the feeling of being high, it is not a psychoactive substance. It can however be used by those who intend to reduce their consumption of THC but still want to keep their daily rituals. The most common effect of CBD is the fact that it plays an important role in the increase of anandamide which is the main molecule released after sport by example, it’s the “feel good” molecule. (chocolate works the same by the way) Studies are ongoing but CBD has already been proven incredibly benefic for those who suffer from epilepsy or who have other seizures issues. CBD also acts like an anti-pain agent, it is therefore used a lot for muscle pain releases and also help to fight inflammation. finally it will also help the user to have better night of sleep and have a better gestion of their stress. all in all CBD has various effect which combined together play an important role in the improvement of your quality of life.

Studies suggest that CBD doesn’t have any side effects. The only side effects that you might get from CBD are very likely to be caused by interactions with other medication in your body. This is why you should talk to your doctor if you take other medication than CBD BEFORE you try CBD
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