About Odile

At Odile we believe in a world where consumption and eco-friendly living style can coexist. We therefore started our journey for a better consumption by searching and sourcing 2 specific types of products:
  • CBD
  • Eco-friendly

We are true believers and early adopters of CBD products. As governments are slowly opening the space for it, Odile wants to promote the best of them and make it accessible to a wide audience. Created in 2018, Odile has now became a recognizable brand for any consumer who wish to adopt a more responsible way to consume. With clients and distributor all over Europe, Odile is the brand to go to for anyone who is looking for high quality and trustworthy cannabis CBD products.

Odile's goal is therefore to inspire trust for shoppers, so they can know for certain that the products they buy on Odile.green are 100% safe, eco-friendly and of high quality.

We’re the most selective with our products.In the past two years we have been continiously upgrading our product range and sourcing the best possible suppliers. With Odile you have a quality engagement and a trustworthy CBD supplier. As we bring new team members and new products to always guarantee the perfect grow of Odile in a sustainable way.

97% That’s the ratio of our 5 stars review on Google.
Quality products, fast delivery and a reliable customer services brought us up to this number. Everyday we strive to keep it high and as orders come in we always find solution to guarante the same satisfaction ratio.Always legal and at all times certified.

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