Odile’s Manifesto

These are the “We Believe" statements that embodies Odile's spirit.
It is for us to remember what we strive for and also for our partners and customers to know what our values are. We ultimately wish that these commandments can be applied in any business to make this world a better place.

  • We act for a greener world
  • We believe in a circular and green economy
  • We want retailers to only sell environment friendly products
  • We are convinced alternative medicine can be beneficial to anyone
  • We believe that CBD related products should be controlled and legal for everyone
  • We believe in a fair economy, where everyone pays his fair share back to the community they operate in
  • We believe green or biological products should be affordable for everyone
  • We believe individuals and small businesses can do their bit for climate change, but that big businesses and governments should do much more
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