CBD oil dosage

Are you new to CBD? Or have you just bought your first bottle of CBD oil and are wondering what dosage is best for you? No worries, Odile.green is here for you! First of all, a few reminders about the therapeutic use of CBD oil. If you are taking CBD to treat a medical condition, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor about the best conditions for taking CBD.

Secondly, we remind you that Odile is one of the exclusive distributors of the Biobloom brand, the best CBD oil in Europe, certified organic. If you want to have a good starting point to know what dosage to take for your CBD oil we have developed a calculator that you can find below. Simply enter the weight and CBD percentage of your oil and your CBD oil dosage program is complete! The aim of this method is to gradually increase the CBD doses according to your weight until you find the dose that suits you.

It is important to note that it is not necessary to go to the final dosages if you are satisfied with the effects beforehand. For example: if you take CBD to sleep, and you realise that only 30mg at night before going to bed is enough, then there is no need to go further!

Calculate your personal dosage and build-up schedule

DayMililiter per dayDropsDaily dose
1 & 20.09 ml28.5 mg
3 & 40.17 ml317.0 mg
5 & 60.26 ml525.5 mg
7 & 80.34 ml734.0 mg
9 & 100.43 ml942.5 mg
11 & 120.51 ml1051.0 mg
13 & 140.60 ml1259.5 mg
15 & 160.68 ml1468.0 mg
17 & 180.77 ml1576.5 mg
19 & 200.85 ml1785.0 mg*
* This is the maximum dose for your weight. Keep in mind that if a lesser dose already has the desired effect, it is not necessary to apply the maximum dose.
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