In plenty of ways! First you should know that scientists discovered that CBD interact and can improve the functioning of our endocannabinoid system. For more info on this you can refer to our Article HOW DOES CBD WORK? For other health benefits resulting from the consumption of CBD, here is a non exhaustive list:
  • Anti-inflammatory. To relieve muscle pain, CBD is more efficient than most anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Relaxation. CBD is efficient to relax without ay side effects.
  • Against Depression and Stress. CBD is efficient to some degree and help to fight depression and stress.
  • Alleviate Cancer related symptoms.
  • Against Acne and skin problems. CBD creams and baums have been found efficient for a number of skin problems.
  • Against seizures and Epillepsy. CBD has been found helpful for people suffering from these two conditions.
  • Benefits the Heart. CBD might improve the health of people’s hearts. More studies need to be led in this field however.
  • CBD can be helpful to reduce the pancreas inflammation for people suffering from Diabetes Type 1
  • CBD has also been found to have some neuro protective properties.
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