Aqua Medica 5% CBD Water Soluble
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Aqua Medica 5% CBD Water Soluble

Find a daily well-being with our water soluble CBD oil. The best Swiss hemp in a 10ml bottle. Discover Aqua Medica.

MADE IN SWITZERLAND You can take our highly concentrated hemp oil supplement. This fast-acting, water-soluble delivery system is up to 10 times more bioavailable than oil.
We attach great importance to sustainable production methods that do not use herbicides, pesticides or other additives. Our water-soluble CBD is regularly tested by accredited laboratories to prevent possible contamination. Our manufacturing process complies with European food hygiene regulations. In addition, each product is labeled with a batch number so that CBD producers can accurately track their production.
Size: 10ml
Dosage: 500 mg per bottle (50 mg CBD per ml)
Usage: As a daily dietary supplement
Container: glass bottle with dropper

Categories: CBD oils, CBD oil 10ml, CBD for sleep, water soluble CBD

Directions for use: Twice daily. Use our CBD dosage calculator. *Daily amount: Undecided. Cannabidiol is a natural component of hemp oil.
What is water-soluble CBD? Water-soluble CBD is CBD oil that has been nano-milled to reduce particles. These smaller particles are more easily absorbed by the body, allowing the benefits of CBD to kick in faster and can be easily mixed with water or food.Water-soluble CBD can separate when mixed with water-based consumables. Unlike some regular CBD oils, it's great for cooking and adding to beverages.
What are the benefits of water-soluble CBD?
Aqua Medica's water-soluble CBD is made using nanotechnology. This results in smaller CBD particles, easier absorption and improved bioavailability. This small particle size allows the oil to dissolve in water and penetrate the body quickly, allowing CBD to take effect much faster than water-insoluble CBD. Our water soluble CBD uses a proprietary process to provide the highest quality nano CBD oil at the best price.
What are the benefits of water-soluble CBD? CBD is known for its wide range of health benefits, including relief from everyday stress, occasional anxiety, discomfort relief, and relaxation.

Water-soluble CBD also allows users to customize their intake, giving them full control over their measurements and compatibility with a wide range of consumption preferences. Water-soluble oils can increase consumer convenience by allowing CBD to be easily added to any beverage without prior knowledge of how to best use the product.

What is CBD? How is CBD different from THC?
CBD and THC are important cannabinoids that come from the same plant, Cannabis sativa, but differ in amounts in different cannabis strains. Hemp strains contain more CBD and less THC. In fact, hemp plants need only contain 0.3% THC to remain legal. Marijuana strains, on the other hand, contain more THC than CBD.
While CBD is known for its wide range of health benefits, THC is known for causing the psychoactive effects that cannabis users experience. We never give our users a high.Our products meet national legal standards and are third-party tested to contain less than 0.3% THC.
How is water-soluble CBD oil different from "regular" CBD oil? CBD can be ingested in many forms. Regular CBD oil is usually taken as a tincture and held under the tongue.When viewed under a microscope, this CBD oil of his is actually a globule of oil encapsulating his CBD molecules ( or unscientifically "pod").
In order for your body to use “regular” CBD, your digestive system must break down the oil and release the CBD inside. There is no work required. In order for CBD to be water soluble, it must go through a unique nanotechnology process that breaks down these tiny droplets of oil before it is bottled. It takes a kind of new "form" and can be added to any drink and takes effect in seconds instead of minutes.

A quick way to compare the two is to drop them in water. “Normal” CBD oil floats to the surface, while water-soluble CBD oil dissolves like a cloud. This beautiful cloud pattern is a great example of what happens when you drink water-soluble CBD oil. Instead of going through digestion, the oil is quickly distributed throughout your body. If you're not sure which CBD is best for you, read our Buyer's Guide to learn how to choose from different types of CBD.

What is Nano CBD?
The word "nano" is a scientific unit of measurement that means "one billionth". After hemp oil is broken down using a proprietary nanotechnology, each oil particle is approximately 55-85 nanometers, or billionths of a meter in size. Nano CBD refers to CBD molecules encapsulated in these tiny droplets of hemp oil.
To be precise, his actual CBD readings in oil don't change. After all, a CBD molecule is the size of a CBD molecule. It's hemp oil globules that contain CBD and break down into tiny particles, allowing the CBD to quickly penetrate the body.

How long does it take for water-soluble CBD to work? What about Nano CBD? Ordinary CBD?
Since "regular" CBD is encapsulated in hemp oil, your body must digest the oil in order to access the CBD it contains. There will be waiting time.

Additionally, the digestive process can be detrimental to CBD, resulting in only a portion of CBD being used by the body. Thanks to a unique nanotechnology process that reduces the particle size of hemp oil containing CBD, the effects of water-soluble CBD can be experienced in an instant instead of hours. almost all of the water-soluble CBD that is ingested is immediately utilized by the body because CBD is completely avoided.
How does it feel to take water-soluble nano CBD?
Like “regular” CBD, water-soluble nano-CBD does not cause a psychoactive high. On the contrary, like 'regular' CBD, Nano CBD can help restore a sense of normalcy and balance.The difference is in the potency with which water-soluble CBD works.

When using "regular" CBD products, it often takes 30 minutes (or more) for the effects of CBD to be felt.This is because the body has to break down the hemp oil that contains CBD. Water Soluble Nano CBD Oil has been broken down using proprietary nanotechnology, so the effects of CBD are faster, with virtually no waiting time. For those struggling with daily stress and discomfort, water-soluble CBD can feel like an instant weight off your shoulders or provide rapid relief and relaxation. There are individual differences in the effects of water-soluble CBD. However, using CBD will help your body return to its natural state of homeostasis and balance, so with water-soluble CBD, you should feel right back to normal.

What is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?
CBD is not the only cannabinoid found in hemp oil to help balance the body. Small amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBC (cannabichromene), CBG (cannabigerol), THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin), CBDV (cannabidivarin), CBDA (cannabidiolic acid), THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) , CBGA (cannabigerolic acid), and many other cannabinoids act to create the "entourage effect" that evokes the beneficial effects of hemp oil. When all of these cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are present together in hemp oil, it is called full-spectrum hemp oil.And full-spectrum hemp oil offers greater benefits than the sum of the individual forms. increase. How does nano CBD oil interact with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS)?
The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, seeks to balance all cellular communication in the body. This system uses endocannabinoids produced by the body to signal and control many bodily processes, including appetite, pain, and mood. The cannabinoids in the hemp plant are very similar to the endocannabinoids produced by your own body, so you can take advantage of the same. Cellular receptors that trigger the beneficial effects of CBD in the body.

What does water-soluble CBD oil taste like? Does it affect what you drink?
Just as a proprietary nanotechnology process increases the potency of the CBD in hemp oil, it also increases the intensity of the hemp flavor. It has a bitter taste, which some consumers find offensive.That's why we offer flavored versions of water-soluble products such as Cherry Limeade, Grape, Pina Colada, and Lemon. Whether you prefer unscented nano CBD oil or add fragrance, nano CBD oil pairs perfectly with water, coffee, tea, juice, or any other beverage of your choice.
How Much Water Soluble Nano CBD Do You Take?
The amount of nano-CBD or water-soluble CBD that your body needs to balance will vary from person to person. Due to the smaller particle size of hemp oil with nano CBD, less nano CBD is needed to achieve the same effects as “regular” CBD.

An easy way to figure out the equivalent serving size is to divide your normal intake of "regular" CBD by 10. So if he normally consumes 50 mg of CBD, this is about 5 mg of soluble Equivalent to phyto-nano CBD. Another important point to note is that regular consumption of nano-CBD has a cumulative effect as the CBD builds up in the body. For this reason, we recommend taking it “slow and easy” when getting started with water-soluble nano CBD. It's surprising that even a small amount can have an effect!

CBD percentage5%
CBD500 mg
Content10 ml
CBD oil is one of te various way of taking CBD and can be considered as one of the most effective. Choose the level of conctration, the brand, such a Biobloom, Kannaway or Weazy and get yourself your CBD doze daily to make you feel better. The various effect are going from a better sleep to a better relaxation or considerable reduce of your stress level. Feeling a bit down? Go ahead and try one of our various CBD brand among our oil category. If you have any questions regarding CBD, whether it is how to choose a product or the pros and cons of consuming it, you can refer to our complete CBD FAQ here
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Calculate your personal dosage and build-up schedule

DayMililiter per dayDropsDaily dose
1 & 20.17 ml38.5 mg
3 & 40.34 ml717.0 mg
5 & 60.51 ml1025.5 mg
7 & 80.68 ml1434.0 mg
9 & 100.85 ml1742.5 mg
11 & 121.02 ml2051.0 mg
13 & 141.19 ml2459.5 mg
15 & 161.36 ml2768.0 mg
17 & 181.53 ml3176.5 mg
19 & 201.70 ml3485.0 mg*
* This is the maximum dose for your weight. Keep in mind that if a lesser dose already has the desired effect, it is not necessary to apply the maximum dose.

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