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CBD Ointment

The CBD Ointment by Biobloom works wonders on your aching body parts, joints, neck, etc. Developed with doctors, also suitable for athletes.

THe Ointment by Biobloom sooths and calms stressed ares of your body with the power of the hemp root

Our certified organic CBD ointment soothes and calms your stressed areas (e.g. knee, joints, neck) on the skin and unfolds its regenerative power after intensive physical activities such as sport as well.

Your organic ointment for physical stress
aua power contains 600 mg CBD, the full spectrum of the hemp plant as well as, for the first time, an extract of the hemp root which has remarkable soothing properties. Also included are devil‘s claw, sweet clover and comfrey extracts, high-quality essential oils of St. John‘s wort, frankincense lavender etc., hemp and almond oil, aloe vera and many more calming and regenerating herbal ingredients. The unique formula was developed together with doctors. Free from THC.

Why choose this Ointment by Biobloom?
- Certified Organic & Vegan
- Developed with doctors
- Certified quality
- Cooling, Soothing and Regenerating

The organic CBD ointment for reliable remedy.
Stressed areas as neck, knees, joints and typical ailments which occur after intensive sport and exercises need powerful products that sooth and relieve. We have analysed those symptoms extensively and together with doctors we have developed a cooling organic CBD ointment. It regenerates, soothes and relieves 100% naturally. For more joy in movement!

Volume60 ml
CBD600 mg
CBD recovery cream

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