Biobloom Pack CBD Oil 4% and Organic hemp tea
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Biobloom Pack CBD Oil 4% and Organic hemp tea

Get a special price on two of our best seller CBD products. Enjoy the 4% full spectrum bio certified CBD oil and the hemp organic tea at best price.
Are you looking for the perfect relaxation? Then look no further. Odile has partnered with on her favourite supplier to come up with a CBD pack at a special price. With the combination of those two CBD product you will be able to enjoy the real effect that CBD can provide. 

Start first with the CBD oil full spectrum 4%:

Thanks to the high-quality combination of CBD (cannabidiol) and CBDa (cannabidiolic acid) with other valuable cannabinoids (CBG, CBDV and CBC) as well as terpenes, flavonoids and organic hemp seed oil, our 6% CBD oil unfolds the full power of the hemp plant and lends you more vitality, all with absolutely no artificial additives or enrichment with CBD isolates.

45% hemp extract
55% organic hemp oil
CBD/CBDA: 400 mg
THC: < 0.2%  
Other ingredients: Valuable cannabinoids such as CBDV, CBC, CBG and many natural precursors such as CBDVa, CBGa and many more, terpenes, minerals and flavonoids. The organic CBD oils also contain valuable unsaturated fatty acids and minerals.


The BioBloom CBD oils are 100% natural products from CO2 extraction. The organic full extracts contain absolutely no artificial additives and the original 100% natural product is not changed in any way. Our organic CBD oil 4% is light and has a naturally smooth and mild flavor.
The BioBloom CBD oils are free from microbiological contamination, pesticides and heavy metals and are constantly inspected to ensure their quality.

Our extracts were also awarded the AC Seal of Approval by the independent patient association ARGE CANNA and were among the test winners in an ARGE CANNA comparison test of 46 European CBD products.

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And couple the full spectrum CBD oil with a cup of organic CBD tea straight from the Bio cerfified CBD farm of Biobloom:


Treat yourself to a cup of tea, take some time for yourself and relax awhile. Our Organic Hemp Tea relax is the perfect companion for some me time. True to the motto “Let the stress go”.

BioBloom Hemp Tea is made exclusively from the hemp plants from our certified organic BioBloom hemp fields that are carefully harvested and processed by hand.

The organic tea contains cannabidiol acid (CBDa) as the main ingredient and other valuable cannabinoids as well as several flavanoids, in particular apigenin, luteolin, orientin, quercetin, kaempferol and vitexin.

With an infusion time of 15 minutes, our organic hemp tea unfolds its sleep-promoting and calming effect.

When infused in hot water, the organic tea relax contains no THC and does not have any intoxicating effect. Contents: 20 double chamber bags with 1.2 g each of pure, natural organic hemp flowers. Also available as loose tea in glass jars and paper bags (50 g each) The BioBloom hemp tea unfolds its effect depending on the infusion time. After thorough analysis of each minute of infusion, we recommend:
5 minutes for an activating and invigorating effect 15 minutes for a calming and sleep-promoting effect.

PREPARATION: Place a tea bag in a cup and pour in 200 ml of boiling water and let it steep for the desired effect (5 minutes for an invigorating and vitalizing effect or 15 minutes for a calming and sleep-promoting effect). Have a cup of tea an hour before going to bed to help you fall asleep easily and enjoy a good night’s sleep. The tea should still be warm.
For an even better night’s sleep, you can supplement and combine the tea with the BioBloom sleep complex deep sleep, our organic CBD oils 8% or 10% or our organic aromatherapy scent&sleep.
CBD percentage4%
CBD400 mg offers a very selective range of the best CBD Products in Europe: CBD Creams, CBD Edibles, CBD Oils, CBD Flowers, CBD Tea Bags, CBD Cosmetics & More. Find the Best CBD Deals and the Best quality CBD Products in the whole EU. Save on Top Quality Brands suppliers.
CBD oil is one of te various way of taking CBD and can be considered as one of the most effective. Choose the level of conctration, the brand, such a Biobloom, Kannaway or Weazy and get yourself your CBD doze daily to make you feel better. The various effect are going from a better sleep to a better relaxation or considerable reduce of your stress level. Feeling a bit down? Go ahead and try one of our various CBD brand among our oil category. If you have any questions regarding CBD, whether it is how to choose a product or the pros and cons of consuming it, you can refer to our complete CBD FAQ here
CBD is also available in tea bags. If you do not vape or would like to keep your tea habits while enjoying the benefits of CBD, CBD Tea Bags are perfect for you! CBD in tea can be a very soft and easy way to enjoy CBD. It can improve your mood, relax you and even ease down some of your chronic small chronic pain. Enjoy your CBD infused tea and shop with Odile with FAST delivery, BEST PRICE and BEST quality in Europe.
If you have any questions regarding CBD, whether it is how to choose a product or the pros and cons of consuming it, you can refer to our complete CBD FAQ here

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19 & 202.13 ml4385.0 mg*
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