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Connoisseur Box

Connoisseur CBD Box from Amsterdam.
At Odile, quality is and always has been the priority. This "connoisseur's box" will allow you to discover several essential flavours from our range. In addition to having access to 5x3.5g of our favourite flowers you will also benefit from a 30% discount. All of these varieties are packaged in our branded tins. If you are looking for a discounted price for premium CBD flowers this pack is for you! 

Black Diamond Kush:  Black Diamond Kush is the pride of! This strain is a tasty mix of a New York Cookie Kush and a California Gelato. With such parents, you can imagine that it will delight the most experienced connoisseurs of CBD flowers! Born in Holland, she has everything you need to provide the perfect relaxation and a taste you'll remember. Once you open the box or bag, you can expect an explosion of sweet aromas that will fill the air. The heads of the Black Diamond Kush are well manicured and compact. If you're looking for a high-end quality product, this is your absolute must-have.

White Diamond Haze:  White Diamond Haze is no match for its big sister, Black Diamond Kush. It is the result of a cross between the world famous Amnesia Haze and the incredibly tasty Super Amazing. Being part of the Diamond family, it is obviously part of the exclusive club of high-end CBD products. Expect a very Hazy taste and smell with very obvious lemon and pine aromas. This makes it the perfect blend for a wonderful tasting moment. White Diamond Haze is a unique flower and there is no doubt that it will leave a lasting memory thanks to its exceptional taste that you will not find in any other flower. At the look of it, expect nice compact crystallized CBD buds that are just waiting to be tasted to release their full flavor.

Silver Bubble:  This new addition to the catalog will not let you down. You will finally be able to discover the classic CBD version of the Silver Bubble based in Amsterdam. This one is grown in Switzerland, but the taste is obviously similar, with a spicy aroma of sandalwood. You'll be positively surprised by its beautiful compact buds. They are tight and well manicured. This is also a strain with a high CBD content compared to some of our other flowers, so if you need a good amount of CBD in addition to a classic taste, Silver Bubble is for you.

Gold Kush:  The Gold Kush, a CBD flower, gets its name from the shape of its buds. Once the packaging is opened, you will have the sensation to hold small compact golden nuggets. The fragrance of Gold Kush will not leave you indifferent. This flower of CBD has a taste a little lemony, but also a sweet and earthy taste. This variety is the result of various attempts to cross several very potent varieties in the United States, making it one of the tastiest and most potent CBD flowers on the market today. Gold Kush CBD flower will be your ideal companion if you want to have a relaxing evening or start the morning on the right foot. It will free you from stress and will relax your body thanks to its high quality CBD.

Blue Buddah Cheese:  Discover one of the blue diamonds of the CBD world. Blue Buddha Cheese gets its name from the blue color of its buds that appears in the last weeks before harvest, when the temperature is cooler. Don't expect them to have all blue buds, but do expect a consistent and very sweet taste that is absolutely unique. This variety will delight the amateurs of tasty CBD Flowers. Blue Buddha Cheese CBD Flower is a harmonious and quality product that has gained international popularity.


Varieties: Black Diamond Kush, White Diamond Haze, Silver Bubble, Blue Buddah cheese, Gold Kush CBD: 3-8 Culture: Organic  THC: <0,2% (legal according to the European legislation) Weight: 5*3.5G


It can rarely happen that a flower from our selection is out of stock when your order is placed. In which case we will replace it by a flower of a similar quality or better. Thank you for your understanding.


Weight17.5 g
The best selection of CBD flowers in one box. Indoor CBD flowers at discounted price in a pack with all our best sellers. Odile has selected for your our best sellers CBD flowers to make sure you could discover all our best CBD products at a special price.

For example, you will find our infamous Black Diamond Kush et White Diamond Haze dans notre Discovery box !
We always want to make our clients extra happy. To assist do this we have deciced to select some CBD products with special price. A nice discount to make sure you can buy your CBD product with a preffered price ! Keep on a eye on this category you will find some CBD flowers, CBD oil or CBD edibles.

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