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water soluble CBD Curcumin

Incredible Water Soluble CBD Oil enhanced with Curcumin, 10 times more effective than normal CBD oil. Only on Odile.green.
Curcumin with CBD

It is with trust and pride that Dutch Natural Healing presents one of the most innovative products from our assortiment: Curcumin CBD edition. After a research and development process of over a year, the product is now finally available in our webshop - in a 30ml and 50ml bottle. But are the amazing benefits from CBD not enough?

Why CBD with Curcumin?

CBD and Curcumin both carry an amazing and unprecedented natural programming. Highest in rank is CBD. But when it comes to attributes and health benefits, Curcumin appears to be a good runner-up. That’s why we call the combination of CBD and Curcumin in this special ‘Curcumin edition’ CBD oil the ‘best of two worlds’.

Curcumin and CBD’s effects kind of work in harmony with each other for the biggest part. Combining the two compounds in this oil therefor increases the chance of reaching a positive effect on humans and animals. Besides, curcumin carries a few health benefits apart from CBD, which could be of enormous value to your daily diet.

Ideal ratio of CBD with Curcumin