Gold Kush 10 g
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  • Almost THC free
  • Non GMO
  • Organic
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Gold Kush

Discover CBD Flowers and the Gold Kush CBD Flower buds. Try now the unbelievable taste of the Gold Kush from 100% Legal. From 5.50€/G.
Flavour: Spicy-Natural
Culture: Organic-Indoor
Pesticides: No Herbicides: No
CBD: 4.3 THC: 0.17
Product description 
Gold Kush CBD flower will be your ideal companion if you want to spend a relaxing evening or start the morning on the right foot. It will relieve you of stress and relax your body with its high quality CBD.  

Product appearance
Gold Kush, the CBD flower, gets its name from the shape of its buds. Once you open the package, you will feel like you are holding small compact golden nuggets.  

Product aroma
The fragrance of Gold Kush will not leave you indifferent. This CBD flower has a slightly lemony, but also sweet and earthy taste. This strain is the result of various attempts to cross several very potent varieties in the US, making it one of the tastiest CBD flowers on the market today.  

Product cultivation 
Our Gold kush is grown indoors.  Indoor growing is a term used to describe the cultivation of marijuana indoors. Our plants are grown in a controlled environment in various warehouses.  Indoor growing is a more informal way of saying "indoor garden", "controlled environment farming", "indoor gardening", etc. Indoor growing is a collective term that refers to the plants themselves (a name), rather than the actual act of growing them. CBD Flowers' indoor cultivation ensures the highest quality flowers possible, as it allows our growing expert to exploit the maximum potential of our plants. You can see this in the quality of our CBD flowers and their colourful trichome-filled buds.       

Store in its original packaging and in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to sunlight. Preparation tips: Our flowers are compact and resinous, so you will need to work on them before infusion. The rest is child's play: Add a fatty substance such as whole milk (coconut, soya...) to boiling water. Put your flower in a tea ball and let it infuse as you wish. Enjoy!    
Our CBD flowers can be consumed in several ways
With Odile we always promote a healthy way to use our flowers to get the beneficial effects of CBD, here are our recommendations:  Vaporizer: at over 170 degrees. In infusion: leave to infuse for 10 minutes with a fatty substance (oil, soya milk). In the kitchen: add to your best recipes.
Weight10 g
CBD percentage4%

With Odile we guarantee organically grown CBD flowers. Indoor or Green House they are always lowered with a Co2 process  to avoid chemicals. Our CBD levels aren't lying but real and natural. With us no addition of CBD or CBDA isolate to increase the rates of our certificates, our rates are therefore between 3% and 8% and guarantee you a quality and natural flower that will delight you with its flavors.

Shop your CBD flowers directly from the legal European farms. Many flavors and controlled production for tasty buds and efficient flowers. All products are licensed and quickly delivered all over Europe. CBD Flowers can be prepared in different ways and deliver great results for your anxiety or your health. CBD also has good effects as a pain reliever and help reduce inflammation in your muscles
At we want to remind you that all the flowers on our website are exclusively dedicated to be infused. If you have any questions regarding CBD, whether it is how to choose a product or the pros and cons of consuming it, you can refer to our complete CBD FAQ here

Discover our selection of indoor CBD flowers. Indoor CBD flowers are grown indoors and are the highest quality CBD flowers. Our Indoor flowers are among the best on the market today. Try our White Diamond Haze or our Gold Kush.

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