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Odile Eco dental floss made of silk

Odile is one of the first BIODEGRADABLE and plastic free packaging dental floss. Enjoy a safe and fast delivery of your eco friendly products with www.Odile.green Delivery everywhere in Europe.
The Odile eco-friendly dental floss is made of silk and coated with Candella wax and even flavored with organic spearmint oil. You will find it inside a reusable glass dispenser. Thanks to this unique product you can now easily take care of your oral hygiene and avoid those horrible and far way too common plastic packaging with regular dental floss. nEnjoy a stress free product and delivery as all the Odile product are certified and delivered within 5 days maximum everywhere in Europe.
Looking for environmentally friendly personal care products? These sustainable personal products use natural ingredients and don't hurt the world. #noplastic

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