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Dutch Natural Healing CBD Olie

Probeer de Ongelooflijke CBD Olie uit Nederland, het meest deskundige land op het gebied van CBD en Cannabis. Dutch Natural Healing Oils zijn 100% biologisch.
CBD-A oil 8% by DNH is made using a blend of 100% organic hemp extracts. It is processed quickly after harvest, raw and with minimal heat to ensure a high concentration of 4% Cannabidiolic Acid (CBD-A) in the product; besides 4% of regular Cannabidiol (CBD). Providing a perfectly balanced blend of natural cannabinoids for the best results. 


Besides a 50/50 content of CBD-A + CBD, this full spectrum hemp oil also contains cannabinoids as CBG, CBN and CBC. In addition, CBD-A oil 8% includes aromatic terpenes and terpenoids; which give the oil a pleasant taste and support the product’s entourage effect. After all, that is exactly how nature intended the plant to be. By respecting the plant’s natural ingredients and processing our products as fresh as possible; CBD-A oil by Dutch Natural Healing is arguably one of the most effective RAW CBD-A oils available today.


What is Cannabidiolic-acid (CBD-A)?

Cannabidiolic-acid (CBD-A) is the acidic form Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD-A turns into CBD by a process called decarboxylation, which happens when drying the plant material or when heat is applied during the production process. During this natural chemical reaction, a carboxyl group is removed from the CBD-Acid molecule, releasing carbon dioxide (CO2). The molecule that remains is the neutral form of CBD found in most of our hemp products, Cannabidiol.